Deviator - Way Of Warriors - Hymn To Immortals - Best of Comp.

This is a compilation album consisting of songs from the time period of 2007 and 2010. A one man band that is Lord Hastner - guitars, voices; occasional drums & keyboards programming and some remastered by Mictan on "Estrangement demo 2008. The project is describe as atmospheric black/ epic Death Metal. Old Melancholy is the opening track, keyboards with an enchanting captivating melody which I enjoy right away. Forgotten Hope, the drums sound really good considering they are programmed. an enjoyable song with interesting riffs. "The Last Day of Mankind", a thunderous opening- battle like drums great track. "Mighty Black Inner Flame", tranquil and melodic keys lead us into this song and aggressive BM onslaught. Mesmerized By Blood, howling wolfs take up a backing on this song like pack of mad wolfs in a winter's fury. Raw Symphony of Sorrow, somewhat repetitive opening in a mid pace riff. Undying Darkness, spoken word in BM style of singing, the drums and guitar do not match very well on this track. To Forgotten Path Triumph of the Will, bass line is great not sure what to think of the rhythm section until there is a change up. Thy Blood in My Veins, very raw guitar sound and scattered beats. Black Sorrow, an epic type of atmosphere building. A dark tale unfolding, haunting samples, an eerie journey. Funeral Future Bells, a well executed composition and the title is fitting. Primordial Darkness part 1, this track is nine minutes long and is pretty much all the elements that are contained in the entire album through out.
Primordial Darkness part 2, has another epic and haunting start- a great way to lead us on another chaotic aventure. This one only an instrumental and guitars have a fuller distorted sound. The last is the title track and also an instrumental, we hear a better distorted and fuller bass sound on this song. Overall a good album for those seeking raw BM/atmospheric haunting music this album is worth a spin.

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