Tritton - Face Of Madness

A self released album, August 2013. Tritton is a Heavy Metal band from Mexico City. Members are Yohann Torres - Drums, Enrique Torres - Lead Guitar, José Gómez - Lead Guitar/vocals, Victor Varas - Bass, Lorena Cabrera - Lead Vocals. 

Face of Madness is their debut album. "Wanton War", is the first track. My first thoughts are- excellent production, every instrument is clear and solid.
Lorena Cabrera has an amazing voice, reaching some high vocals ranges effortlessly. "Martyr", this song is just awesome, it has melody, power, and catchy verses that will stick in your mind."Face Of Madness", title track- speed and aggressive riffs come ripping through my speakers, these are some very talented guitar players. The quality of tone on the guitars is captured perfectly, warm yet heavy and when the solos come in they are fluid and crystal clear. "Asphyxia", if you want to hear how creative the rhythm section dynamics are then you will want to check out this song, the main riffs get my head moving. I get a feeling like the heavy thrash metal from early Overkill or Judas Priest era. We also get to hear a slow mosh type of rhythm towards the last measures with a catchy solo over it, well executed. "Insurrection", guitars achieve captivating harmonies on this track, the bass lines are punchy and the vocals continue to impress me, there are a few dual phrases that blend really well together. "Flash of The Blast", broken glass sample then into a speed metal lick that just blows my mind away, hammer on and pull offs with an aggressive assault by the drums driving this song at a high speed, then it slows down with an incredible melody that just keeps me captivated, there is so much emotion and feeling. This song is an instrumental with the melodies creating the story only your ears and mind can understand. Excellent work and will say this is my favorite song. "33 Degrees North" is the final track, the beginning of it reminds me of early Megadeth like "So Far So Good So What" album, there are several bass lines that stick out in my mind, like in the chorus part, the production quality really brings out the tone and clarity in the bass lines. The song ends at about three minutes and a half, and there is a hidden spoken word arrangement at the end if you listen long enough, it caught me by surprise but a nice touch after all.

An excellent debut by these talented musicians. You can tell a great deal of time was spent composing the music. Production is really top notch, every instrument was captured crystal clear and nothing sounded buried, good levels from song to song. Overall I recommend it for metal fans world wide, If you enjoy early Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Overkill or Judas Priest you can find many of the same elements influenced here but keeping it within their own form of expression. 

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