Misantronics - Moral Panic and The End of Reason

The album was released between February and March 2011 and are live improvisation sessions. First track is "A Failed Science", multi instruments is the name of the game here and to best describe it, here is the bio from his page "Misantronics is an experimental solo project from Antwerp, Belgium. His music is usually created through live improvisation sessions playing guitars, bass, violin, theremin CD-case, e-drums, loops, software and a bunch of effects. This results in multiple genre sounds like ambient, noise, drones, drum & bass and lately drone-doom and industrial experimentality". If I had to pick a track I would have to say "A Culture of fear" is my favorite. Normally not what I listen to but gave it an honest ear nonetheless . The album ends with "Please Think of The Children", many sounds paint an atmosphere of dramatic aesthetics and are well represented to give the overall meaning of the title. This particular album was released under the now gone label Darkmeadow Recordings. If you like instrumental albums with lots of ambiance and  moods then this will be something you might want to check out.



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