Death Chant - Among The Shadows

The album was released in 2010 on Death Chant Music which I will assume is their own label. The album is title Among the Shadows. This is another one man band project. We start with the track "Among the Shadows which just blast in without warning and set a chaotic mood. MK Ultra, title after the mind control drug, we get to hear a low guttural style and a BM high style vocals with some samples. "Prelude" is next and sets a great melody, I enjoy this beginning very much, captivating and well thought out. "Peddler's Wish, reminds me of early nineties style of BM, drum sound somewhat far away, creepy and whispering type of vocals. "Night Terrors', back to the guttural vocals, more death metals style type riffs on the guitars, fast paced notes and fast run downs, I like this one. "Inner Crisis', must say this track is pure death metal, good elements, drums are much more pronounced and heavy palm muting can now be heard. "Delirium', back to the BM feel of things, for some reason the drums sound far away now and not as up front. Good open chord progression and creative passages. "Dreaming', keyboards are expressed - beautiful melody, I was quite surprised by this. then a build up of haunting sounds into clean acoustic guitar that really appeared out of now where- really talented and creative, my favorite on this album. "Revelation", come in very loud and up front, back to the BM style, a good song reminds me of early style Satyricon. the last track is a cover- At The Gates, "Suicide Nation", a good expression of the popular song, although drums are a bit lagging, guitar do a good job on the riffs. Overall I like this album and found myself surpried from track to track the production is not the best based on the volume levels that seemed to go from very loud to low, I most enjoyed the clean melodies and keyboard parts. I recommend to fans of obscure underground sounds.
~Artemorticia Death Chant/Among the Shadows


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