Cold Colours - Cold Colours

Cold Colours Release: 31 May 2013, through Sleaszy Rider Records. The band hails from Minneapolis and the mastermind behind the project Cold Colours is Brian J. Huebner. Live and studio performers: Aaron Lott, Chris Arnold, Will Maravelas.

The first track from the album is Orifice, starts of with a clean strumming acoustic riff that has a BM feel to it - then when all the instruments kick in I instantly begin moving my head, like been caught in the rapture of its dark harmony, its a great song to open with. Up next, "Disgust", bands like Samael and Satyricon come to my mind as I listen. "The Process of Dying", starts with low guttural style of vocals followed by catchy and captivating composition, there are also deep rhythms with obscure passages for a few measures in the middle section, this has to be my favorite song so far. "This Devotion", drums are highlighted with thunderous double kick work, dual vocals clean and BM style blend nicely together. "Suffering God", setting a dark atmosphere, a vast void unraveling inside my head. This is a song that requires your full attention and imagination to be able to capture its dark essence. "A Loss of Faith", clean guitars with chorus effect, then a cymbal build up into a heavy verse with sliding guitar fills and dual clean plus BM vocals, well executed. "Of Sand and Tears", a somber mid paced track with clean vocals this time, somewhat surprising and a bit different than the first several songs, I do enjoy it, it shows how versatile the band can be and still set a dark mood with heavy overtones. "Silent Speech", this particular song reminds me a lot of Samael in its delivery, Guitars achieve memorable harmonies and create a solid composition worth spinning several times on my stereo. Cold Colours is the closer which is a Rotting Christ cover, I never heard it before so its hard to say exactly what the comparison is, based on what I heard - its well performed, drums are precise and there are several solos towards the end that will remain in my head for a time to come.

Overall its been and intense listening experience. Definitely BM rooted and also melodic at moments. I recommend for fans of early Satyricon, Samael or Emperor. 


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