Humiliation - Turbulence From The Deep

Humiliation is a DM band from Malaysia. Turbulence From The Deep is their full length album released on Deepsend Records July 9th 2013. Members are Bear Bee (vocal), Matt (guitar), Afe (bass) & Mudon (drum) "No Return", starts off the album, solid production- brutal, heavy guitar sound, the first two band that come to mind as I listen is Grave and Gorefest. "Operation Obeo One", heavy stomping mosh riffs, precise double kicks and aggressive vocals. "Phosphorous Shell",  there's a tinge of doom metal being exhibited, the riffs are not complex, basic bare bones DM style and are used effectively. "Calibrate Chaos", the song stays in one pattern through out without changing much. Bachok's Invasion", feeling like the drums could be doing much more on some of the composition, they either do a passive beat and change to double kicks to signal a change, I think there could be more done in means of expression in rhythm. "Sea Denial", finally hearing some different picking styles on this song. "Home Front", the bass player sounds a lot more pronounced on this particular track, once again not very much creativity going on with the drums other than maintaining the beat. There are some long verses with a lot of room to for fills or rolls but it just never happens on this track. "Total War", they pick up the pace on this track, imagining this will get the people moving in a live situation. I finally hear a solo on this song, I was beginning to think there were no solos on this album but actually heard a small solo towards the end of this track. "Order of Battle", probably my favorite track, the main riff sticks in my mind and has a good chorus. "The Deadly Trouble", doom metal is evident from the very first riff, more engaging fills and rolls, its a good example of what is lacking on some of the previous tracks. "Submerged At The Seabed", final track and a surprise for me, a clean acoustic composition, this is a good way to close the album. Overall I enjoyed the songs and although sometimes riffs seem repetitive, it did have some strong DM passages. I recommend for fans of  early nineties DM and doom, like Grave, Amorphis, Benediction, Catatonia and others from that era.
~Artemortifica Humiliation


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