Svartalv - Winterbound

Described as Atmospheric Ambient Black Metal, not much info on this release, seems to me a one man project . There is a logo Conceptmachine IA on the cover so I will assume that's the label. Year maybe 2011. I really like the art on the cover too, excellent work. Now for the music, first up is Winterbound Act 1, a great mood and atmosphere is created by the acoustic style of playing along with some background aesthetics. "The Secret Long Watch of the Daemon Sentinel", long name, great track filled with different sounds to give a chaotic environment. Cross of the Antichrist, the vibe the surrounds this song is engaging and captivating- a perfect mix of different sounds to take your mind into a dark realm. Atra Biblica, like vast ocean of despair. Act 3 starts of with what sounds like a storm approaching a desolate island, acoustic sound is clear and well arranged. A good example of how deep and involve the songs can get can be found in The Great Dning, this track is probably my favorite and does feature some vocals that are obscure done in BM style. Act 4 sounds like traveling through a forest full of void and despair, again the clean guitar captivates the listener into forming their own visualization in their mind, great song. The last song is In Rotting Glory, it is a good way to end the entire album a really captures all the great ambient sounds that can be found through out the disc. Much of the content can be found on Youtube and also FB site which I will provide the links for below. Overall I recommend this album for all those seeking a long journey through dark paths and deep sounds.


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