Monday, February 16, 2015

Aphonic Threnody - When Death Comes

Aphonic Threnody is a six piece band from London. Members are Rick - guitars & bass, Rob - vocals, Juan - keyboards & piano, Zack - guitars, Abel - cello, Marco - studio drums, Jeff - live drums. Genre is described as Funeral doom. 

When Death Comes album released on October 31st Doomentia Records. The release features six songs of oppressive and dark hymns. the opening song last for about seventeen minutes. The overall production is very good. The drums are intense and solid. Guitars have heavy distortion and the vocals are crushing in both the low and high screams. Some of the songs that stick in my mind are The Children's Sleep and Death Obsession. The build ups are long and deep. The feeling of despair slowly creeps in. Dark journeys through psychotic minds.

In conclusion. The album lives up to the doom funeral aspects they are projecting.


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