Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kaledon - Antillius: The King Of The Light

Kaledon is a five piece band from Rome, current line up Alex Mele - Guitars, Tommy Nemesio - Guitars, Paolo Campitelli - Keyboards, Paolo Lezziroli - Bass, Massimiliano Santori - Drums. They are currently looking to fill the vocal spot. Genre is described as Power/heavy metal.

Antillius: The King of Light album released on Scarlet Records November 18th 2014. This album contains twelve tracks. My first impression is, melodic and epic. Essentially each track tells one long story. Battle and engagement in mid evil times. High spirited lyrics and progressive melodies are a huge part of the content. All this becomes clear from the opening song "In Aeternum". Highly talented musicians at work, from the keyboards to the guitars, all around each song is monumental. The solos are catchy and well written. I usually do not get to review many symphonic/melodic albums. Listening to this was refreshing and very enjoyable. One of the tracks that resonated with me the most was "My Will", the acoustic intro and excellent riff work that followed stayed with me for a long time and I found myself playing it over several times.

Final thoughts, the music is powerful. The wide variety of melodies and strong lyric content make it one to stand out above the rest. I recommend it for fans of Symphonic, Epic and melodic heavy metal, add this one to your collection. ~Artemortifica


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