Monday, February 16, 2015

Atrum Tempestas - Neant

Atrum Tempestas is a two member band from Oulu, Finland. It is a project by Perttunen -Vocals/instruments and Kylmäaho -Vocals, instruments. Genre described as Atmospheric Black Metal.

Neant album released on October 13th 2014 Nordavind Records. At only three compositions, this release is very impressive. It starts with the song "Quitter ceux qui étaient déjà partis", the dark melodies quickly grab my attention. Think of it as a dark journey through desperate roads. A strumming guitar with a short sample begins the track S'éclipser, the black metal roots are clearly evident and are expressed in each song. A good solid bass tone permeates through out keeping each rhythm interesting and catchy. The final track is "Et après... le néant", a faster paced drum verse comes in and takes us through this torturous labyrinth. A slightly distorted guitar creates some interesting and memorable riffs and are fitting with the rest of the instruments. My only compliant is that it all feels a bit short after listening to it. But overall an enjoyable listening experience and it worth checking out. ~Artemortifica 


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