Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Shameful - Hollow

My Shameful is a three piece death/funeral doom metal band from Europe. Members include Sami Rautio: vocals, guitars, Twist: bass, Jürgen Fröhling: drums. 

Hollow album released on MFL Records on November 30th 2014. Eight tracks totaling a full hour worth of depressive and tortured hymns. Reaching the dark parts of the mind with tormented screams. Slow and methodical in their inception. The tracks build a suspenseful and dramatic path before smashing your senses. Doom are the main roots of the compositions. Bands like Neurosis and Paradise lost come to my mind as I listen. I enjoyed the majority of the songs but some of the more stand out performances would have to be Hour Of Atonement, it has a catchy and memorable start, feels like the melody will carry me into a rotting casket to lay in. No Greater Purpose, it is a menacing and tremendous track, powerful delivery and the vocals are completely devastating. 

In terms of production, guitars have a good amount of distortion and drums build a good solid foundation for all the long horror filled journeys. Overall a good release that will resonate with the majority of doom metal fans. ~Artemortifica


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