Thursday, February 19, 2015

Edenkaiser - Dominum Ex Mortis

Edenkaiser is a four piece band from Barcelona. Members are Lianne Krossburner - Vocals, Häwkmoon - Guitars, Vherveroth - Bass, Wraith - Drums. Genre is described as Black Metal.

Dominum Ex Mortis album to be released on February 20th 2015 through Blacksteel Music. The album is comprised of eight tracks in true BM form. A haunting and captivating guitar melody with a creepy solo attached to it, introduces us to the dark road ahead. Having been exposed to Lianne's vocals from another band (Itnuveth). I had a good idea of what was in store when they finally materialized in the song "Eternal Martyrium", demonic and intense singing, with blistering blast beats and raging guitar riffs, this track is mesmerizing. The Witch and The Beast, this song starts out with a catchy guitar melody and builds into a thunderous manifestation of brutality. The Nekrozone reminds me of the early black metal era like early Emperor or Samael. Well executed and there is a memorable melodic part in the middle of this song that really sticks in my mind. The Blademaster conjures up many imagery of battle in a distant time. The guitar riffs are well executed and fit the overall atmosphere. 

In conclusion, the band delivers a raw, relentless and fierce Black metal attack. Building upon their previous releases, this one raises the bar and should be part of any true BM die hard fans collection. I recommended for listeners of Bathory, Demonic Christ, Black Witchery, Satyricon, Mayhem and others from the early era of BM. ~Artemortifica

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