Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Graveyard After Graveyard - Hellhound On My Trail

Graveyard After Graveyard is a three piece band from Vastervik Finspang Gamleby. Members include Jocke Ringdhal :Drums, Mika Lagreen : Solo Guitar, Rogga Johansson: Guitar,Voc,Bass. Genre is described as speed, death, thrash, black metal.

Hellhound On My Trail EP released on Chaos Records on February 23rd 2015. Consisting of six tracks. My first impression is, old school dm to the bone. The vocals are highly influenced by Venom, Sacred Reich or early Overkill. Nothing complex, just raw and gritty rhythms. Songs like Learn To Burn capture the essence of the early years of death metal. I enjoyed listening to this entire EP. It brought back memories of the old tape trading days. One of my favorite tracks would be "Out To Feed", I found myself playing it several times, the thrash metal roots are clear and its an easy song to mosh to. 

The production is certainly not the best but it adds to the raw aggressive quality of the music. I recommended for fans of old school death metal. ~Artemortifica


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