Friday, February 20, 2015

Natal Cleft - Natal Cleft EP

Natal Cleft is a four piece band from Cebu City, Philippines. Members include Den2-stixxx, Rex-low end, Darrs-strings, Zeekevil-voxxx, Atan-strings. They describe their genre as Cerebral Metal.

Natal Cleft EP self released in 2010. I was recently contacted by the bands vocalist who witness my interview of Glynford Cabarse recently. Glynford happened to do a shirt design for the band. This EP consist of four tracks. The opening song Paradise establishes a good rhythm for me. It is heavy and intense no doubt. At times the band veers of the standard death metal measures and adds a progressive, sometimes blues aspect to the song. The vocals are a mix of high and low, overall the song is brutal and the riffs are memorable. Blank TV host an official video for this song and it is worth checking out. The vocalist has an interesting vocal mic holder that resembles a long knife, fitting for the brutal music they are projecting. Particles Of Hate features some very catchy solos and possesses many of the more modern metal riffing like Chimera or Arch Enemy. The song Deceit is probably my favorite from this EP. It starts with a melody that easily sticks in my mind, the track reminds me of Corrosion Of Conformity or Down. A moving and thrashing type of song. I can easily head-bang and trow my fist in the air while listening to this track. Tortured Heaven is more raw in terms of production but the intensity still comes through. 

Overall I enjoyed listening to all these songs and I found myself jammin' to their diverse style, not just straight forward death metal but adding a few different elements to keep things interesting. ~Artemortifica


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