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Edenkaiser Exclusive Interview

It is with great pleasure to introduce our readers to Edenkaiser.

1) Hello and welcome, please tell our readers a little about band? Where are you from? How did this group come to be?

Lianne Krossburner: Hi, Frank. First of all, thank you for this interview; it's a pleasure for us to be here. So EDENKAISER was born is Barcelona (Spain) in 2009; it was founded by Häwkmoon, the guitarist, who at the beginning was the vocalist as well. When I got in the band, I was the bass player and we had a drummer, Khorum, a friend of us from years ago... 

Häwkmoon: Few time passed until Lianne started to sing; I always preferred to be focused only in the guitar, and when she did for the first time -it was a day that my throat was fucked up-, and we all said: "wow, she must do the vocals in EDENKAISER!". We needed a bass player, so then it was when we found Vherveroth. With him, we recorded our first official recording: Inferno, a cover of swedish Death Metal legends Vomitory. A few days after, we recorded and released Doomsday Jugernaut, a five song EP, and we were honoured to count with Secthdamon -from Emperor, Zyklon, Odium or Myrkskog- as backing vocals in the song Enter Mephisto. A huge honour for us.

Lianne Krossburner: Well, I have to say that we didn't record this EP with Khorum; he left the country and the music, so we hired Striker, our second drummer... but not the last one.

2) The band released a two song demo "Into The Eternal War" back in 2009, how has the writing process progressed since that time? Is it easier to compose music with the current line up? Who writes the material?

Häwkmoon: Well, it is the same because I always wrote the music -as the same way Lianne writes the lyrics, and then we get together to expose everything to create the final ideas and compositions. It's a very organic process; we really have a great bond, good vibes, and we are focused to the same kind of music, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Voivod, Venom, Mayhem or Desaster.

3) The previous album Juggernaut was an independent release, the new album Dominum Ex Mortis will be released through Blacksteel Music, how did the band get signed to this label? did they approach the band or did the band approach the label?

Lianne Krossburner: It's a curious thing. We are the label. Blacksteel Music was created by Häwkmoon and I a few months ago. It just started as an underground metal promotion and booking agency, but we are working hard to do more things into the scene, we are preparing two compilation albums with thirteen national and international extreme metal bands, such as Odium, M-Pire of Evil, Crucified Mortals or Throne of Malediction, and also we are working in a tribute to Slayer with worldwide bands-. After that, we thought: "why not edit our next EDENKAISER work?". Also there are plans about a future re-edition with another label, so it's fine.

4) The band is very active performing live shows, how is the audience reception to your live performances? Any memorable experiences on the show circuit?

Häwkmoon: We had received several offers to play, but to be honest we had to cancel few spanish dates due the continuous drummer replacements. We had five drummers in one year. We played in France and eastern Europe for now, but we are looking forward to start with this 2015 tour! The crowd is very receptive and we keep great experiences before the show, during the show, and of course after the show.

Lianne Krossburner: In eastern europe we were touring some dates in Romania and Moldova with two huge bands: Casus and Coldwar. Three different genres bands, but during these days we became a big family.

5) How is the Black metal scene in Barcelona? Is there big support for black metal in your area?

Häwkmoon: Well, there are many great Black Metal bands in Barcelona, and in general in Spain, like Abrahel, Cauldron, Conjuro Nuclear, Aiumeen Basoa, Owl's Blood and many legends as Ouija or Asgaroth. Also, Spain has been the cradle of another great Death and Thrash Metal bands, like Aposento, Angelus Apatrida, Opposer, Ktulu, or old formations like Legion or Fuck Off.

Lianne Krossburner: There are very good bands here, and in the same way there are many people supporting the scene specially since few years ago, underground press and radios for example, but it cannot be compared with another countries. Black Metal scene here must grow up.

Häwkmoon: This is the main reason why EDENKAISER is focused to outwards.

6) Dominum Ex Mortis is an interesting title, is there a story behind the name? how did it come about?

Lianne Krossburner: Dominum Ex Mortis means "lord of death", and it's a kind of conceptual album. Every song talks about death, in one way or another, and we thought it was the right title to contextualize the work.

7) Name some of  your most notable accomplishments? Any big bands that have shared the stage with you?

Häwkmoon: In the eastern Europe tour, we played at November to Dismember Metal Fest, beside bands as Asphyx or Tankard... we were like "Fuck, man, our idols!". In addition of the shows stuff, we are really proud because in this new album, Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan (ex Venom, Atomkraft, M-Pire of Evil) put backing vocals in one of the songs: Hail to the Godslayer. As huge Venom fans, this was a gift from the Gods!

8) Having been independent since 2009, how difficult was it to get the band's music noticed?

Lianne Krossburner: To clarify, Frank, Doomsday Juggernaut was self-released at the beginning, but one month later, the british label Cold Raw records was interested to re-edit the work. It was fine, we were just starting and we had a label interested in our music, so we were glad. Later the same EP was re-edited by the spanish label Morbid Shrine in tape format. Pretty old-school, isn't it? We are really proud of these two editions. We are very hard workers with EDENKAISER, taking care of all details -merch, artwork, promo, etc-. we even have our own artist, Madness, who works on our covers and shirts designs... our Derek Riggs! Hehehe..

9) With the release of the new album are there any tours or major shows in the works for 2015?

Häwkmoon: Yes, we have a German tour in October with the thrashers Heresy and some touring plans in China, Finland, Italy and some spanish dates. There are few summer fests too, but we are just confirming dates at this moment. It seems it will be a busy year.

10) Are there any plans to play shows in USA?

Lianne Krossburner: We would love it because we have many friends there! I hope we can do it next year. We are looking to play in South America, Norway, Sweden and UK for 2016 too, so we will see how it goes then.

11) If booking agents/news/press want to get in contact with you, what is the best way to reach the band?

Lianne Krossburner: At the moment I am the "manager" of EDENKAISER -we also have a co-manager, Alex-, so they can contact me through official facebook page or even my personal profile, and sending an email to, of course!

12) Thanks so much for participating in my zine, the last lines are for you, any final thoughts?

Lianne Krossburner: Thank you for your time, Frank, and thanks to the readers of this webzine. Stay in blackness!
Häwkmoon: Thank you very much for the support. It's a great pleasure for us to be interviewed in ARTEMORTIFICA. You all rules!

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