Monday, February 16, 2015

Cemetery Filth - Screams From The Catacombs

Cemetery Filth is a four piece death metal band from Johnson City TN. Members are Jacob Curwen (Vocals), Neal Williams (Bass), Ryan Guinn (Lead Guitar), Jonah Turner (Drums/Percussion).

Screams from The Catacombs EP released as a cassette Unspeakable Axe Records in September 2014. This is a quick overview of this release. At only three tracks, it goes by rather quickly. My first impression is, this is a old school sounding music. Like the bands of the early 90s. Grave, Sinister, Hypocrisy and Monstrosity early albums come to mind. Production is ok. The drums are intense, guitars have a gritty and dirty distortion which add to the overall old school sound.

In conclusion, the release is good but not groundbreaking, if you like the sounds of the early era of death metal, than add this EP to the collection. ~Artemortifica


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