Friday, February 20, 2015

Wombbath's much awaited vinyl release out now on Chaos Records

The unheralded classic album from Sweden's legendary death metal history is highlighted in full glory here and more. Remastered by none other than Dan Swano, this album is presented for the first time on official vinyl format for the die-hard maniacs. This band garnered a cult following and it is easy to see why - the music has astonishing heaviness coupled with massive grooves akin to the US death metal bands as well. This is far removed from the typical Swedish death metal sound and yet enriches the image by doing more, way more than most other bands during that time without diminishing the balls-out heaviness. Wombbath have released one of the best albums of their time circa early '90s and this is your final chance to get it on the analog format.

Track list - 
1. Prevent Anemia 
2. Intestinal Bleeding 
3. A Silent As The Grave 
4. A Corporal Punishment 
5. Performed In Depth 
6. Conceal Interior Torments 
7. Beyond The Gloomy 
8. Abandon 
9. Several Shapes 

The full album can be streamed here on the official Chaos Records Bandcamp page

Order now at this location 

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