Monday, February 16, 2015

Solium Fatalis - The Undying Season

Solium Fatalis is a five piece band from New Hampshire. Members are Jeff DeMarco-Vocals, Jim Gregory-Guitars, Ehren Hill-Guitars, Olivier Pinard-Bass, Flo Mounier-Drums. Genre is described as extreme metal.

The Undying Season album to be released on February 17th 2015 through Galy records. This is the bands second album and it is devastating. Having been exposed to their music back in 2013 from their debut album, I was very excited to lend my ears to this latest opus. This album rips. Relentless and intense from the moment I hit the play button. Full on assault as the drums come roaring through and crushing guitar riffs adding to all the madness. Not losing an ounce of brutality from the first release, this current release adds another dimension to the compositions. An Asylum for Penitence is one of the tracks that stands out to me, clean intro into some catchy melodic riffs with a heavy bass presence. Corruptor, has some interesting dissonant chords that are stiched together with some killer grinds on the drums. The track "Contagion" is probably my favorite, the high octane attack of double kicks is mind bending. Demonic screams and destructive solos send shockwaves through the spine, overall a killer song. As far as production, it is excellent, drums are spot on and all their dynamics sound crystal clear. Guitar have good distortion on both the rhythm parts as well as the solos. Bass is massive and punchy.  

In conclusion, this release adds another dimension to their existing brutality and rises the bar to another level. Pure brutality is experienced in every track and the melodies have a way staying in your head long after the songs are over. I recommended for fans of both melodic and brutal metal. ~Artemortifica


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