Sunday, February 1, 2015

Death Comes Pale - World Grave

Death Comes Pale is a five piece band from Herning Aarhus. Members are Bo Guldal -Guitars//Backing Vox, Lars Hjørnholm - Guitars/Synth, Martin Kilic - Drums, Kasper Hornstrup - Vox, Anders Stegmann - Bass. Genre described as Metal. 

World Grave album released on September 30 2014 through Deepsend Records. The album features eleven monstorous songs. A relentless and punishing attack from the start. Grinding drums and killer distorted guitars come storming through my speakers. Bands like Immolation, Nile, Death and Kataklysm come to my mind as my initial thoughts. The song Spawn Of The Scorned literally melts faces. Some truly captivating riff work can be heard on this track and gets my blood pumping. The level of aggression in this album can not be contain. The track "Lips of the Dead" is crushing on all levels, intense double kicks and explosive tom rolls. The dual high and low vocals add to the brutality. The Purification Process song ignites the intensity to new heights. It comes in like the firing of a gatling gun. Intent on destruction, all boundaries are obliterated on this release. 

As far as production, this is a top notch recording. Guitars have great tone and huge in distortion. Bass sounds amazing, thick and pummeling. Drums, as I stated before, are pure energy and relentless in sound. Vocals are demonic and add to the overall madness.

In conclusion, this release is a must have. Their approach to metal leaves a mark and sets a new level of power with each and every song. If you like the bands Dying Fetus, Origin, Cannibal Corpse, Obscura and Meshuggah then this will make a great addition to your collection. Don't pass this up, you will not be disappointed. ~Artemortifica


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