Monday, February 16, 2015

Phobiatic - Fragments Of Flagrancy

Phobiatic is a four piece band from Essen Germany. Members include Kai Bracht- Drums, Robert Nowak- Guitars, Michael Stifft- Bass, Sebastian Meisen- Vocals. Genre is described as Technical Death Metal. 

Fragments Of Flagrancy album released August 29th 2014 by Unundeux/Cargo Records. Ten tracks of intense brutality. One of the things that is most notable upon listening to this album are the guitar riffs, fast and well written. Vast scale work is apparent in each and every song. House In Cleveland features fast arpeggio guitar licks which leads us into mid tempo verse with catchy lyrics. R.A.T.T. gets the blood pumping. In this song you will find several good mosh stomping compositions. Suitable Method is another favorite from this release. Killer blistering fast verse filled with demonic screams. It is one to keep on the replay mode. In terms of production. This one is excellent Drums are solid and devastating. great guitar tone for both rhythmns and solos.

In conclusion, I recommend for fans of tech death metal as well to the younger generation of metalheads. be sure to add this one to your collection. ~Artemortifica


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