Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cadaveria - Silence

Cadaveria is a five piece band from Italy consisting of Cadaveria - Vocals, Frank Booth - Guitar, Dick Laurent - Guitar, Killer Bob - Bass, Marçelo Santos - Drums. genre is described as Horror metal.

Silence is their album released on Scarlet Records November 2014. The album contains eleven songs. my first thoughts are, they are definitely intense and aggressive in their delivery. Good and catchy melodies can be found through out this entire opus. The dark atmospheric and eerie passages have a way of seeping into your mind. One of my favorite tracks Carnival Of Doom features memorable clean vocals in the very beginning and are captivating. The song Out Loud is another notable track and is more gritty than the previous songs. As far as production goes, the quality is top notch, from the drums to the strings -everything is upfront and clear. In conclusion, the music is powerful and creates an adventure that's both horrorfic and haunting yet melodic and catchy. ~Artemortifica


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