Sunday, February 15, 2015

Itnuveth - The Way of the Berserker

Itnuveth is a Viking Pagan Black Metal band from Spain. Members include Lianne (Vocals), Volundr (guitar&bass). Established in July 2014. 

The Way of the Berserker album released under Xtreem Music October 18th 2014. The album starts off with a clean strumming guitar and female spoken word. My first impression is, this is a classic sounding record. The band manages to capture the early metal era of sound production. At times I forget that there are only two members creating this opus. The album has many interesting moments. Some of the songs that stuck out most in mind were Skoll, the opening riff is catchy and memorable. I found myself playing this track many times. Chaotic Chasm, raw and gritty black metal hymns. Lianne is probably one of the best, it is rather short but its melody stuck in my head and I found myself listening to it several times. My only complaint is the production is really raw, maybe on the next release it could be better unless this is what they are looking for, but I prefer a cleaner sound, beyond that I liked every song nonetheless.  

In conclusion, a great release, if you like the old school sound of the metal genre than this is one to check out. The band lives up to the Viking Pagan description. Many well traveled passages of dark adventures are awaiting for you in this album. 


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