Camel of Doom - Terrestrial

Camel of Doom is a three piece band made up of Kris Clayton - Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards, Simon Whittle - Bass, Ben Nield - Drums. Music style is listed as, Psychedelic Progressive Doom Metal. Band location, UK

Terrestrial album released on Solitude Productions 8 February 2016. An impressive and destructive force has been unleashed. This album is menacing. Excellent production. Big distortion sound, heavy stomping drums and captivating vocals. 

The band offers us eight tracks of deep and spacial adventure. Resonating waves through the perpetual abyss with the most savage edge. These songs have incredible soundscapes and textures. Reminiscent of bands like Novembers Doom, Neurosis, Space Riders and Paradise Lost. The opening track is about twelve minutes long and sets the frame work for the rest of the album. Out of the eight, the songs that resonated in my mind the most were "A Circle Has No End" it is probably the shortest track on here but it manages to captivate my thoughts with its clean strumming and somber melody. "Sleeper Must Awaken", with a faster pace and interesting riff phrases, I enjoyed playing this one at a high volume and you will too. Finally, "Extending Life, Expanding Conciousness" is an epic way to end the cycle. The keyboard composition is atmospheric and captivating. It sets a build up of powerful emotion and is one to lend your ears to. 

Final thoughts, The album is heavy and epic on many levels. the doom roots are there but with enough melody and atmosphere to capture any listener by surprise. I highly recommend it. 



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