VERRÄTER/SXUPERION. Verrater is a three piece band, members are only known as J-Vocals . D-Guitar. N-Drums live situation C-Live Guitar , B-Live Bass. Music style is listed as, Black Metal. Band location, Nebraska. Sxuperion one man project, obscure.

VERRÄTER/SXUPERION split released on BloodyMountain Records & Sordid Curse Productions November 25 2015. My initial thoughts on this release are, raw knuckle and clenched teeth as I make my journey through this maze of horrors. The gritty production invoke a certain detail to this split. Verrater is first up on the release. Their brand of malevolence features high screams with fast tremolo guitar work. It can paralyze your thoughts. They offer us three songs on this split. My favorite would be "Vagrant". Next up is SxuperioN, a bit different in production than their predecessor, but still aggressive and pummeling. The vocals are low and more guttural. A savage exhibition is aroused. Maniacal and evil in its inception. Four tracks are realized. Among my favorite would be Vibration III. The supernatural invocation is eminent and resonates forth with this grand spectacle. 

In conclusion, both bands deliver a raw and brutal music. The production is bare bones but adds to the overall feeling they are projecting.



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