Palace of Worms - The Ladder

Palace of Worms is a one piece band, Balan: all instruments/vocals. Music style is listed as, black metal. Band location, Oakland, Ca.

The Ladder album to be released on Broken Limbs April 8th 2016. My initial thoughts are dark and oppressive sounds. Conceived in the roots of black metal but exploring other worldly sonic escapes. With this release the band offers us seven songs of manic transcendence. The track "Strange Constellation", resonates in my head , like a swirling abyss, its draws you in and slowly builds up like a tangle web of misery. One of the things I enjoy the most are the sorrowful melodies, "Ephemeral Blues", is the best candidate for these intense feelings. It brings all the elements together perfectly. Beyond the regular black metal vocals, you can also hear low whispering type of chants which cause a haunting mood through out  the album.  

In conclusion, an ecliptic and potent album is unleashed. Many realms of tortured existence in an outer plane are realized. 



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