Manzer - Beyond the Iron Portal

Manzer is a three piece band, members are Shaxul - Vocals, Drums. Fëarann - Bass, Backing Vocals. Hylde - Guitars. Music style is listed as, black metal. Band location, France.

Beyond The Iron Portal album released on Armee de la Mort/Legion of Death (Shaxul's own label) January 19th 2016. The deep roots of the early metal days are felt in every riff. One of the captivating features of this album is how well the bass lines and guitar riffs follow each other. Creating clever melodies and catchy passages. The recording seems to resonate with an early 80s type of sound that adds to the overall feeling of classic metal sound. Reminiscent of bands like Venom, Accept, U.F.O. and Iron Maiden (Paul Di'Anno era). A lot of creative elements can be felt on the bass lines, not just holding down the rhythm but creating his own structures and solos. I like that in a recording, were the bass is highly involved in the songs. The guitar solos are also a big highlight on this album, in particular, the song "Prepare Your Soul To Die", it is filled with catchy and memorable riffs and it happens to be my favorite song from this release. The vocals hit some intense highs and are in a range of noted bands like Helloween and Savatage. 

In conclusion, if you want to hear music that touches back on the early era of metal and contains complex bass lines with ripping solos then check out this album



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