VIRULENCY - The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution

VIRULENCY is a four piece band made up of, DisJorge - Fretless Bass and Guitars
J. - Vocals. Fabio "Dr. Grinder" Ramirez - Drums. Asier Badiola - Guitars. Music style is listed as, Virulent Brutal Death metal. Band location, Basque Country / Madrid.

The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution album released on New Standard Elite February 28th, 2016. The eye catching artwork reveals a towering beast straight out of some maniacal horror sci-fi film. Just one look and you can already start to imaging the great amount of brutality that is contained in this album.

The opening track delivers a smashing blow and sets the pace for relentless battery. This is a heavy and furious music that is sure to cause massive shockwaves in the underground community. The drums bring rapid and precise double kicks and complex rhythms of pure energy. If I may note some influences, I would say bands like Defeated Sanity, Devourment, Suffocation and Immolation. A good assortment of slam beats are also presented. The guttural vocals are intense and there is no shortage of aggression. 

This is the bands first full length album. Fans have been waiting for this since the last released ep back in 2012 "Unbearable Martyrdom Landscapes". They had a short two song promo release in 2013. This a welcomed and anticipated album and it delivers maximum devastation.

Final thoughts, the music punishes the senses with unthinkable fury. After experiencing this album, you will probably be picking up fragments of your shattered skull caused from the power that resonates from the speakers. 



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