Interment - Scent of the Buried

Interment is a four piece band, members are Johan Jansson - Guitars/Vox, Torbjörn Brynedal - Guitars, Allan Lundholm - Bass, Kennet Englund - Drums. Music style is listed as, Swedish Old School Death Metal. Band location, Sweden.

Scent of the Buried album to be released on Dark Descent April 1st 2016. The band brings us another installment of raging brutality from the well established death metal roots of the early nineties. The raw and punishing wave of destruction that is contained within these compositions will melt your face. A familiar structure of aggression is thrust upon my ears and the savagery begins. Delivering ten menacing and potent tracks of old school material. Right down to the recording quality and horror movie samples, its all represented here. 

Adding this album to their collection of macabre renderings since 1991. Sounding just as good as if it came out of that era and maintaining a level of power that is devastating and barbaric. I would say my favorite songs from this release are, "Scent of the Buried", "Dawn of Blasphemy" and Nailed to the Grave.

Final thoughts, old school fans will be delited and the new generation will enjoy the true raw brutality that can only come from the ground roots.



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