Demonstealer - This Burden Is Mine

The Demonstealer is a one man band, comprised of Demonstealer (Sahil Makhija) also happens to be host of Headbanger's Kitchen, an online cooking show where he cooks food and interviews members of other metal bands. Album line up is listed as Demonstealer - Vocals/Guitars/Keys. Ashwin Shriyan - Bass. George Kollias - Drums. Music style is listed as, Metal. Band location, Mumbai.

This Burden is Mine album to be self released on March 25th 2016. My first impression is, extreme and melodic. First of, the production is great. Clean and well produced. From the clean melodies to the heavy guitars and intense drum sound, the album is tight. 

With this release comes nine tracks of high energy and intense metal with memorable solos and expressive soundscapes. Although my ears were absolutely glued the entire time from the moment I hit the play button. The track that really captured my attention the most would have to be the title track "This Burden is Mine", its intro grabs my interest right away,  a clean melody that is catchy and well arranged. It leads into a fast and crunching riff with devastating double kicks and memorable chorus line. Another song that is high on my list is "Where Worlds End", some excellent solo work and the singing is done properly and I am amazed as to how good it all comes together. Thinking of bands like Dream Theater, In Flames, At The Gates and Strapping Young Lad. I also have to mention the album cover, like a monument to a certain struggle, a statue lifting a huge rock underneath an aggressive storm. It is very fitting to the contents of the album. Refreshing to see something that's not gore oriented and more conductive to a life experience.

In conclusion, this release is sure to make waves. Top noth production. Every song holds its own characteristics and you can find many layers of exploration within each arrangement. I recommend it for fans of both extreme and melodic metal, you will not be disappointed.



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