Cetacean - Breach/Submerge

Cetacean is a six piece band, members are David- guitar. Swansong- sax, guitar, vocals. Stephen- bass, vocals. Trae- vocals. Benigno- guitar, vocals. Daniel- Drums. Music style is listed as, Heavy. Band location, Los Angeles, CA.

Breach/Submerge album to be released on 27 May 2016 Apes Who Looked Up Records. My initial thoughts are, the opening track begins with a mellow jazzy sounding intro. In contrast to what it leads ibto which is a heavier and more pronounced attack. The music is mostly rooted in the doom metal genre but it also show much melody and progressive passages. In terms of production, this is a solid piece of work. precise drums, heavy stomping bass lines and aggressive guitar distortion. The second
track "Relationships Deteriorate" takes us on a long journey. I enjoy the arrangements and solos very much. It is a song that can penetrate deep in the mind. Finally the song "Outpour I,II,III" this is what the band is currently streaming on their BC and its a killer track. The composition brings all the good elements together and the atmosphere is depressing with a rapid descent. It feels like dark trip through distant and unforgiving lands. 

In conclusion, at first glance three songs don't look like very much, but these are long tracks with many soundscapes to explore. Rest assure it is monumental and devastating.



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