NilExistence - Existence in Revelation

NilExistence is a five piece band, members are Dave Gruver- Guitar. Ryan Kratzer- Guitar. Isaac Dillon- Bass. Kyle Kratzer- Drums. Patrick Tuohey- Vocals. Music style is listed as, Death Metal/Extreme Metal. Band location, Moravia, NY.

Existence in Revelation album to be self released on 25 March 2016. My initial thoughts are, destructive, punishing and completely brutal. From the opening song "The Quietus", we get intense blast beats that batter the senses without mercy. Presenting eight songs with this release, the band shows they are savage and powerful. A level of intensity that leaves no survivors in its wake. Good production, creative drums, heavy distorted tones and demonic vocals exhibited in every passage. Roaring double kicks annihilate and lay down a solid foundation for the rhythm guitars. 

Some of my favorite songs from this album would be "Primordial Transgression", "Pitch Black Perception" and "Screams Form Silence".   

In conclusion, the adrenaline levels are raised high. The music comes through with brut force. If you like brutal and extreme metal, then look no further and check out this band.



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