Thursday, March 24, 2016


WODE is a three piece band, members are TH MC ET KS. Music style is listed as, Black Metal. Band location, Manchester. 

S/T album to be released on Broken Limbs April 8th 2016. My initial impression is, the realms of darkness are completely explored on this album. The opening track draws you in and before you know it, you feel deep inside the catacombs. The song the sits more prominently in my head would be "Death's Edifice", it contains an eerie and haunting acoustic piece that is hard to resist, it leads the listener into a brutal and intense body of work reminiscent of bands like Mayhem, Gorgoroth and Bathory. "Trails Of Smoke", hits another high mark on my list. Powerful and engaging fills with strong tremolo guitar riffs. The song "Spectral Sun", starts out with a catchy intro that easily captivates the thoughts. A lot of attention to detail in most of these arrangements and the musical scope of dissonance is projected in full.     

In conclusion, a brutal and devastating body of work. Creating a furious mindset and elevating the levels of adrenaline to a high peak. 


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