The Burning Dogma - No Shore of Hope

The Burning Dogma is a six piece band, members are Andrea Montefiori-Vocals. Maurizio Cremonini guitar. Diego Luccarini-guitar. Simone Esperti-Bass. Giovanni Esposito Tastiera. Antero Villaverde -Drums. Music style is listed as, Dark Electro Death metal. Band location, Italy.

No Shore of Hope album released on February 19th 2016 Sliptrick Records. My first thoughts are, maximum sound, a superior performance is captured. The intro grabs my attention. Good title "Waves of Solitude" which leads us into the monumental song "The Breach", upon hearing it for the first time, it completely melted my face. It becomes my favorite track from this release, the ending shatters my skull with intense melody and sorrowful sonic supremacy. Encountering a good variety of vocals as I listen, from low and mid growl, high screams and female vocals, there is never a dull moment. The music is progressive and delivers a high level of intensity. The complex arrangements and solos are the best part for me. A good example of these elements is found in the song "Burning Times", its a clever tune and catchy melodies will have you feeling the raw power and emotion the group brings to the listener. I can imaging bands like Dream Theater, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Lahmia and At The Gates as a influence on many of the rhythms.  

In conclusion, the album creates many eloborate layers of exploration, it is heavy and melodic without comprimising the sheer brutality in full context.



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