Grand Sounds PR - Vol. 6 now streaming

Grand Sounds PR have just revealed a monumental compilation album featuring twenty one bands from all around the globe. Check out the official Youtube stream below, plus a list of all the bands featured in the compilation. Entitled Grand Sounds PR Vol 6. They are gathering new material for Vol. 7 so, if your band will like to participate visit them on then link provided below.


1- CIRCLE OF INDIFFERENCE (Swe) "Another Day in Paradise"
2-LOST ETERNITY (Ger) "Orion"
3-MATUBES (Bul) "Left Hand Path"
4-INLANDSYS (Fra) "March Of The Dead"
5-AGAROTH (Mex) "Distortion of Illusions"
6-THIRD ION (Can) "Zero Mass" (feat members of The Devin Townsend band and Into Eternity) (Glasstone Records)
7-RAPTURE (Gre) "Laboratories of Infection" (Witches Brew)
8-WITCHING HOUR (Ger) "Once Lost Souls Return"
09: ZORD (Hun) "Thorns & Wounds"
10-DARK LETTER (Pol) "Toy" (feat.Tomasz Wisniewski)
11: MIECZ (Pol) "Invisible War"
12-STATUE OF DEMUR (Can) "Nungunner"
14-DISBOSKATOR (Ita) "Passive Suicide"
15-PHANTASMAL (USA) "The Reaper's Forge"
16-ENSLAVER (Bra) "Stained by Blood"
17-STAAR (Fra) "Valkermord"
18-Ungoliantha (Ukr) "Black Winds"
19-Warhawk (Ita) "Flying Tygers"
20-Staar "Vers où nous sommes"
21-Empheris "Nihilistic Black Metal"


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