Verment - Death's Domain

Verment is a four piece band made up of Dustin Stockhoff -Guitar. Alex Hooper -Drums/Vocals. Eric Payne -Bass/Vocals. Nick Moeller-Guitar. Music style is listed as, Death metal. Band location, Cincinnati, OH.

Death's Domain Ep to be self released on April 1st, 2016. My first thoughts are, excellent production and savage riffs are a recipe for maximum aggression. Presented here are seven potent compositions of pure and brutal d/m. I have to say that this is one of the heaviest promos I have reviewed for the month of March. Dual vocal attack, both high and low screams are well executed through out the entire album. A stomping bass tone provides a solid ground to lay down the gore. There is no shortage of violence and the music is going to crush your cranium.  Every track gets your blood boiling.

Some of the influence that might be noted would be bands like, Terrorizer, Death, Sinister, Malevolent Creation and Decapitated. Among my favorite songs from this release would be "Wings of Bone", savagery at a high level. "Obsolescence Reality", comes in with a short and haunting intro that leads us into certain death.  

Final thoughts, the Ep absolutely slays. The band manages to set a frequent level of extreme sound. If you enjoy punishment dealt to you with a relentless attack, then this will be perfect for you.



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