Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Desolate Shrine - The Heart of the Netherworld

Desolate Shrine is a three piece dm/bm band from Helsinki, Finland. The members are vague in the their description they are listed as L.L. - All instruments, M.T. - Vocals, R.S. - Vocals.

The Heart of the Netherworld album to be released on January 13th 2015 on Dark Descend Records. Great production. The drums are intense, brutal double kick drums. All the cymbal hits come thru with crystal clarity. Gritty distortion for the guitars and is a perfect fit in the mix. Bass sounds good although I prefer it to be more punchy but that's just my opinion. Vocals are killer and remind me of old Grave or Benediction. 

The album is seven tracks of pure chaos and mayhem. The opening brings to mind Dario Argento horror films. The Black Fires of God sets the tone, it batters the senses in true dm form, just crushing and relentless. If Monstrosity and Behemoth had a baby, Desolate Shrine would be it. This is one of those albums that I truly enjoyed every single song. Its hard to pick a favorite. We Dawn A New is one of the most epic tracks on this album. It is close to fithteen minutes long and never gets boring. A journey to hell, desolate and tormented lands. The build up sucks you into the void without you realizing. The song Desolate Shrine has a catchy beginning with the bass and drums playing some solo for a few bars then transitioning into malevolent guitar riffs. The track Leviathan is another favorite. I can envision a beast rising from the dark depths and ravaging everything in site. 

In conclusion, I will be adding this one to my collection, it has haunting melodies, brutal transitions and excellent riff arrangements. I recommend it for fans of Nile, Suffocation, Morbid Angel(early), Death and Monstrosity. ~Artemortifica


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