Monday, January 12, 2015

Flesh Disgorged – A Pulchritudinous Macabre

Flesh Disgorged is a five piece band from Singapore. Members include Salim - Vocals, Za - Guitar(RIP), Shah - Guitar, Farrid - Bass, Faizal - Drum. Genre is described as Groincore.

A Pulchritudinous Macabre full album released on July 2014 under Bizarre Leprous Production.
A good production quality. Raw distorted guitars, solid bass sound. Grinding drums with clear cymbals and good balance in the mix. Vocals are low guttural and mid range in certain spots. 

The album is thirteen tracks of gore and horror galore. Fast intense riffing with the standard template of horror movie sample into crushing dirty song structures. As grind goes thats pretty much what you expect. A strong delivery with the vocals which is fitting with the content. Songs like Exenteration of the Rectal Carcinoma, Erectile Disfunction of the Blue Balls Effect, Abattoir's Choice of Dismemberment and Sweet Flesh Solder, you get the idea of the gritty madness contained in this gem. 
Think of bands like Gorgasm, Cannibal Corpse, Avulsed and others from that genre. I enjoyed listening to this entire madness. One of my favorite tracks would be No, No, No, -and yes thats the title, not sure what movie the sample is from but its awesome, I banged my head to this track many times, its intense.

In conclusion, a great debut album, if you like butchery, extremities and horror then you would want to add this one to your collection. ~Artemortifica 


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