Monday, January 5, 2015

Ghoulgotha - The Deathmass Cloak

Ghoulgotha is a three piece band from San Diego CA. Members are; Sarantopoulos, Mann, and Koryn. Their genre is described as Unorthdoom, Unorthdeath. The band started in June 2012.

The Deathmass Cloak album to be released in January 13th 2015 under Dark Descent Records. In terms of production, overall good sound. Raw dirty distortion sound reminds me of early Entombed. Bass sounds good, all the string instruments are tune down very low giving it that sludgy doom metal feeling. Drums sound great, a solid performance. Every piece is clear and upfront. Double kicks are punchy and devastating, with the exception of the song Levitate Within The Curse which sounds like it was recorded at a different time than the rest of the tracks. Vocals have a strong reverb effect and remind me of the bands Gorefest, Morgoth and Gorguts.

The album is the first full length by the band and it is ten tracks in total. The majority of the compositions seemed to be influenced heavily by the early nineties death/doom style which I happen to be huge fan of. Cranking the volume through the entire album and finding the best tracks was difficult but I would have to say some of my favorites are Saturnal Rites, twisted and haunting opening riff. The low end rumbles thru the speakers with pure veracity. Citadel of heathen Flesh has some memorable passages and I like the steady double kick work the drummer exhibits on this particular song.  

In conclusion, a wicked and tormented release. I recommend for both old school death/doom fans as well for the younger fresh listeners who want to experience low rumbling brutality. ~Artemortifica

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