Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Horrified - Descent Into Putridity

Horrified is a four piece death metal band from United Kingdom. Members are Dan Alderson -Guitars/ Vocals, Ross Oliver - Guitars, Dan Hughes - Bass, Matthew Henderson - Drums.

Descent Into Putridity album debut on October 2014 through Momento Mori. Production quality is fairly good. Heavy distorted guitars, bass has good tone, drums are dominant an a bit overpowering at times, but that's just a minor observation. 

The album contains seven tracks. The music reminds me of Benediction, Brutal Truth or Broken Hope. Just some good old school style death metal from the nineties era. The song Narcolepsy is a good example of that, easy to get into and stomp your way into the mosh pit. Tons of double kick grinds and mid tempo moshing beats. Repugnant Generation has some riffing reminiscent of Obituary or early Cannibal Corpse. The drums are a bit rough on this particular track. Tomb of Rebirth has memorable verses and found myself replaying it several times. You will also get to hear lots of catchy solos through the record which I enjoyed very much. 

In conclusion, a good release, not ground breaking. All the elements of the early death metal era are present here. Fans of old school dm will surely want to check this out. ~Artemortifica


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