Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dysnomia - Dysnomia

Dysnomia is a five piece band from Vigo, Pontevedra. Members are, Jorge Fernández, Rodrigo Blas, Aaron Fariña, Alex de la Sota, Eloi Pascual. Genre is described as death metal. 

The self titled album released by Suspiria Records on November 20 2014. This album contains ten tracks. My first thoughts, this is relentless and destructive. It delivers high energy from the opening song to the last. There is a mix of keyboard and harmonizing guitar riffs done flawlessly and are epic in proportion. The guitar players do some complex arrangements, the solos are catchy and show a lot of talent. The song Baptized In Rain is a good example of the creative level being experienced. Along with all the high energy and wicked guitar riffing, there are also some great sounding female vocals included in this composition that makes this a replay worthy track. If you want fast and intense, the song "A Light At The Shore" brings the devastation full force, strong drum kicks and fierce verses. Reach Clarity is another notable song that should be played at a high volume while driving at high speed on the highway. In conclusion, metal on full throttle, strong delivery and excellent first debut album. I recommend it for the new generation of metal heads as well as the old school dm fans. ~Artemortifica


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