Saturday, January 10, 2015

Crucifyre - Black Magic Fire

Crucifyre is a five piece black metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Members are Erik Sahlström -Vocals, Urban Skytt - Guitar, TG - Guitar, Henrik "Doltz" Nilsson - Bass, Yasin Hillborg - Drums.

Black Magic Fire album released on August 18th 2014 on Pulverized Records. Strong production quality. Guitars have great distortion and tone, they come through in a massive way in my speakers. Bass is strong and punchy. Drums sound great. Every part is well thought out and all the cymbal hits and bass drum kicks upfront and clear. 

The album consist of ten tracks. The band puts different touches of metal genres in each track. Rooted in heavy metal then some black, thrash, death and melodic pieces as well. You can literally bang your head to every song on this album. I'll be gladly adding this one to my collection. Some killer guitar solos through out this album, lots of trade offs between the two guitarist, it's a pleasure to listen to. If I had to pick out a favorite song from this release I would have to say Funeral Pyre, easy to follow, lyrics are great. One of the things the makes this track memorable is the parts towards the end of the song, haunting and memorable riffing with killer tom rolls on the drums, its captivating and brutal. It reminds me of early Samael. The ending song, One and One is One, catchy verses and chorus lines, I can see this one being a fan favorite. Rooted in heavy metal and an overall jammin track, I played this one several times. 

In conclusion, a great album to play at high volume drinking beers while riding 100 mph on the highway. I recommended for both old school death metal heads and for the new generation of dm/bm listeners. ~Artemortifica


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