Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tongues - Thelésis Ignis

Tongues is a band from Denmark. The project consist of two members Thorbjørn & Qvortrup. They began the group in 2012. Genre is described as Black, death, doom metal. 

Thelésis Ignis EP released on November 2014 through I, VOIDHANGER RECORDS. Production is tough and gritty which adds to the atmosphere being created by the band. If you want to step into the abyss, this would be the music playing in the background.

The EP consist of four songs. The music creates some dark realms. After experiencing the track Bloodline of the Blind which is mostly a chant with an inescapable hymn, you know these are some deep black metal compositions. I listened to the EP a couple of times to grasp the entire scope of what they have recorded. The opening song Void Meditation takes us through some twist and turns. The only other music I can compare it to would be the band Portal. Another thing that caught my ears was how each track flows into each other effortlessly, you could easily think of the EP as one long song. 

In conclusion, a great debut EP. An adventure through hellish realms. I recommended for die hard fans of obscure underground black metal. ~Artemortifica 

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