Friday, January 2, 2015

Misanthrope Monarch MCD

Misanthrope Monarch is a death metal/thrash band from Oberhausen Germany. Current band members are Kristian Gøbels - Guitar, Pat Fleischmann - Bass, Markus Gornik - Vocals. 

The self titled and self released EP on July 2014. This is their debut EP and it features Mike Smith (ex-Suffocation) on drums. A solid and crushing production. Heavy and powerful guitar tones. Punchy and devastating bass lines. Drums are intense and upfront in the mix. Vocals are aggressive but still clear and comprehensive. 

These songs are short but pack a lot of energy and intensity. The riffs come at you with relentless brutality. The entire thing is over before you can even begin to figure out what hit you. The opening track Ash is melodic and spine shaking. In my opinion it could have gone a little longer but its still a good way to lead you in. Crushing the Unbeliever waste no punches and stomps you to the ground with some killer verses and brutal grinds on the drums. Father of Sin and Hollow Spirit, some of the things that caught my ears on this particular song were the fast guitar compositions, good scale run downs and also a catchy solo riff towards the end easily stays in my head. The track Disintegrate closes out this EP, its more like an out-tro and goes by rather quickly at only a minute and fifteen seconds. Overall I enjoyed the entire listening experience. The shortness of it leave the listener wanting more which is good. I recommend it for fans of Testament, Deteriorate, Dragon Lord and Kataklysm. ~Artemortifica




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