Saturday, January 24, 2015

Heaving Earth - Denouncing The Holy Throne

Heaving Earth is a five piece band from Prague. Members include, Tomáš Halama - guitars, Jirka Zajíc - drums, Michal "Žlababa" Štěpánek - vocals, Jaroslav Šantrůček - guitars, Pavel Šatra - bass. Genre is described as death metal.

Denouncing The Holy Throne album to be released on Lavadome Productions February 6th 2015. The album consist of twelve blistering, hyper and technical compositions. The record is absolutely devastating from the moment you hit the play button. The opening song comes at you with a thousand notes crushing the senses. It is a controlled chaotic madness. A few bands come to mind like Nile, Braindrill and Gorod. The tracks have complex arrangements, think of it as lunatic scientists in a lab forging a maniacal creation. I can honestly say this band pushes the boundary of death metal, in an era of constant redundancy their music is a breath of fresh air. 

Some of the more outstanding tracks would be Worms of Rusted Congregation, Into the Depths of Abomination and Doomed Before Inception.

My final thoughts, excellent and original work, it shakes the pillars of the normal template and crushes skulls in all directions. I recommended for fans of technical, blasphemous and progressive death metal. ~Artemortifica


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