Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Soulgrinder Zine issue 1 review

Soulgrinder Zine issue one published by Paul Caravasi on 2014. Cover art as well as short comic strip and frames by Mortuus Art (Raul Fuentes). Daniel Thrash editing and Horror movie reviews by Kenneth Gallant. 

Printed zines are a rare find these days. Among the few is Soulgrinder Zine. Classic black and white style with all the sick horror art frames and chock full of underground metal music. I had seen pictures posted on FB for sometime now of metal fans and bands holding copies of this zine and also very familiar with Mortuus artwork. Paul was gracious enough to send me a copy of issue one to check out. I read the entire thing cover to cover. Enjoying all the gory visuals and in depth interviews which I found very interesting. There's about fifthteen interviews, Faith of Fear, Tyrants Reign, Rigor Mortis, Explicit Hate, Hell:On and many others. The interview with the band Aftermath was great since I grew up in Chicago and clearly remember seeing their fliers around town. It was a pleasure to read about how that band got started. Phil Anselmo is also interviewed in this issue. I thought this interview would be several pages long considering how many of his live shows I attended, he always loves to talk the audience to death, but it was not, it was short and to the point. A very enjoyable read. The Wrath interview was also intriguing to me since they are another band from my neck of the woods. I like the way the zines layout is, interview then short advertisement promoting some sick underground labels and their bands. On top of all that there's a short comic strip "The Vinyl Killer" that caught my attention and was a nice touch to the entire experience. Several album reviews which include bands like Disfigurement, Evil Army, Dark Design, Death Toll Rising and a boat load of others. But wait, there's more. Horror movie reviews for the films Curse of Chucky, Lords of Salem and others. Plus a couple of live show reviews which include D.R.I. 

In conclusion, the content is insightful, the layout is in true classic underground form. It is rare to find a quality printed zine like this. Underground thrash/death metal fans get a copy while you can. Issue two is out now and you will definitely want to obtain a copy of that one too. You can visit his pages and get a hold of the publisher at:
Visit at: 
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