Saturday, January 3, 2015

Destroying Divinity - Hollow Dominion

Destroying Divinity is a four piece death metal band from Ratiskovice - The Czech Republic. Current members are; Erik-Vocals, Gassi-Guitar, Flagin-Guitar, Ommurtag-Drums. The band began in 2001 and have three previous albums on their roaster.

Hollow Dominion album released on September 21 2014 on Lavadome Productions. Excellent production quality. Heavy distorted guitar, tuned down to give it that brutal dm feeling. Bass tone is pummeling and destructive. Drums have a very strong presence in the mix. Crushing double bass kicks which are relentless in every song. Vocals are on the low guttural side which fit perfectly with the low tuned instruments.

The album is devastating on all levels. I really can't find anything that I didn't like. The arrangements are well thought out and executed. At times it reminds me of the bands Sinister, Grave, early Cannibal Corpse, and Behemoth. I like the way the guitars compliment  each other, it keeps each song interesting and give them more dimension and depth. Although I enjoyed the entire album, some of the more stand out songs would have to be "Inner Slavery", the dissonant chords really stick in my mind. The solid double kicks are awesome and bring this one to the next level. Scent of Death, opens with a hellish tormented growl that could shake anyone's spine to the core. The track "Sinful Omens" ends with some interesting solos that are reminiscent of early Pestilence albums. In conclusion, a brutal and devastating album. I recommend it for fans of extreme brutal death metal. ~Artemortifica

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