Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blast Off - World Of Lies

Blast Off is a four piece band from Spain. Members are  Fonso Alonso (Vocals), Fran Gómez (Guitar), Rubén Cuerdo (Guitar), Dani Zonka (Bass), Iago Ramilo (Drums). genre is describe as Thrash metal. The band started in 2011.

World Of Lies EP released in October 2014 through Suspiria Records. Great production. Strong drums, solid double bass kicks and clear distinct cymbals. Guitars have heavy tone and are blended well together. Bass is solid and punchy. Vocals are in true thrash metal format. 

This is the bands second EP. My first thoughts are, the roots of the thrash metal genre are flourishing in each song. It reminds me of Overkill, old Anthrax, early Testament and Dark Angel. As expected, I hear lots of awesome solo work by the guitar players. Growing up as a teenager, thrash was a dominant force in my era. I really enjoyed the entire EP. It is difficult to pick out which songs resonated with me but I will have to say "Government of Money", I like the verses and it has a very catchy chorus, plus the guitar licks at the end are great and memorable. Hunter Of Evil, the heart of thrash can be felt in each and every note down to the solo trade offs. A very intense and energic song. Blistering double bass kicks with supreme attack. This one is probably my favorite.

In conclusion, a great EP. I am looking forward to hearing a full length from this band. All the thrash elements are all thrown in to make most die hards add this to their collection. I recommended for fans of Kreator, Destruction, D.R.I. and others from that era. ~Artemortifica 


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