Sunday, January 25, 2015

Below The Sun - Envoy

Below The Sun is a five piece band from Siberia. Members include, GurGenn - Guitars, Mind Sarcophagus - Guitars, Vocals, Foltath Eternum - Vocals, Covert Lore - Bass, Mourning - Drums, Overtone Singing. Genre is described as Experimental/Post-Metal. 

Their album Envoy will be released via Temple of Torturous Records on February 2015. The album contains six songs. Each one with a long build up. The opening track is about eight minutes long. The music slowly soaks in and festers in my mind. I enjoyed the entire listening experience from start to finish. One of the songs I hit replay on was Drift in Deep Space, it sounds monumental. The opening builds up into demonic growls and then into some spine crippling highs. I like how it all comes together and suddenly a clean guitar piece chimes in, really memorable transitions and stands out to me from the other tracks. The Earth, is an instrumental, it resonates with me because of the lead guitar work, catchy interludes and clean melodies combined with powerful distortion give it a unique form. 

As far as production goes, drums are punchy and powerful. Solid guitar tone even at the low end. Bass is massive and lays a solid foundation. In conclusion, a great release, an epic doom metal album, reminds me of Neurosis or early Paradise Lost. Be sure to add this one to your collection. ~Artemortifica 


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