Friday, January 2, 2015

Gory Blister - The Fifth Fury

Gory Blister is a technical death metal band from Milan Italy. Current members are: Raff - Guitars, Joe - Drums, Paolo "John St. John" - Vocals, Emi Dattolo - Bass. 

The Fifth Fury full length album released in May 2014 on Sliptrick Records. Excellent production quality. Heavy guitar tones and crushing bass lines. Drums sound intense and its easy to pick out all the dynamics being expressed. Vocals have good low gutturals as well as mid range and dm highs. 

The band has been around since 1991 and have a wealth of other releases. This is their current exhibition and features the new bassist, former Illogicist bassist Emi Dattolo. I listen to this album several times. There are many layers within and most passive listeners would probably not get it. These are very well thought out and complex arrangements. Some of the compositions remind me of the band Atheist, albums like Piece of Time and Elements. Their is also a good amount of early nineties style of death metal riffs like Death, Carcass, Obituary and others from that era, however the technical and progressive nature of their writing style give them a unique feel. It is one of those albums that even if you listen to it a hundred times you would probably still be finding new things that you might have missed along the line. One of the surprises that really caught my ear was the bonus track Heretic Infected Orchestra. Much different than the other songs but still complex in its delivery, its one of my favorites from the album. The track Toxamine has some killer twist and turns with fast grinding drums. The song Devouring Me features a catchy intro riff, sounds like a twelve string guitar or Octave effect. I also enjoyed the clever drum arrangement that really make you think as to what he is going to play next. Prometheus Scars is another track worth mentioning, each instrument expresses different arrangements but stay within the context of the song, its difficult to describe but when you hear you know they spent some time composing this track, well executed and memorable.

The band also released four other albums as well as two demos and an EP. There's been several line ups and they have played many shows. In conclusion, this is a great album with several levels to explore. I recommend it to fans of technical death metal and progressive listeners of the DM genre. ~Artemortifica


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