Askrinn - Hjørleifsljóð

Askrinn is a Pagan B/M band from France. All instruments, music and production by Valenten.

Hjørleifsljóð self released full length album on November 2014. Production quality is good. Raw distorted guitar tone. Strong solid bass sound. Drums are not as dominant as the other instruments in the mix but still maintain a decent constant rhythm through out the album. Vocals are dark and dissonant, high screams and hellish whispers.

I am always intrigued by solo band projects such as this. There's a great deal of work that goes into composing and recording every part of an album. Consider how difficult it is for full bands to coordinate and put out some music. It is always a pleasure to hear what one man can accomplish when he sets his mind to it. There are five tracks totaling thirty four minutes. I enjoyed listening to the entire album. All the elements of the B/M genre can be heard in each track. Some of the riffs that caught my ears were the clean strumming riffs like the one in the song "Hjørleifr mægðist við Hreiðar konung", it sets a somber and sorrowful mood and leads into the chaos perfectly.  Frá spám Marmennils is another notable song. Strong opening riff and a heavy punchy bass lines are catchy and memorable. Overall the album is worth exploring and I recommend for fans of Astral Winter, Prometheus Rising and Dark Space. The album hard copies were set a sixty and are currently sold out. There is a way to get a free digital copy by visiting the band official site and signing up by email.


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